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Commercial Cooperation Program

As the leader of Home Entertainment Software developer in the video and audio converting field, AMLSOFT Corporation is honored to be the industry standard among current popular converters. We continuously develop cooperation relationships and dedicated to establish this relationship in a win-win beneficial way to expand our business.

The AMLSOFT Commercial Cooperation Program mainly includes following four forms:

1. Amlsoft's cooperator could purchase Amlsoft's existing products at a cooperation discount price or request to develop a special custom edition to bundle with its products so that end-users will benefit from paying extra money on software and saved time on choosing capable software to go with your products.

2. AMLSOFT could provide a time limited trial version of the existing products or special custom version at free of charge. After the end-user surpasses the free trial time, he could purchase a registration code from us and continue to use registered version of the software legally.

3. AMLSOFT could customize software according to your need and to match your product functionalities so that end-user will benefit from saving extra time on looking for capable software to match his needs. This will be result in increasing your total sales volume. You are welcome to promote our software in your marketing events and we would be happy to promote your associate products as well.

4. As a cooperator, you could display or link Amlsoft's existing or custom developed software in your official website to provide your customers with Amlsoft's products for a better service at your own convenient. End-user could download our time limited trial version from the link on your site and try out the recommended software for free and decide if he would like to purchase or not.


1. Must be a legal firm;

2. Must be willing to sign a contract;

3. Must have been in business at least one year and are financially independent;

4. Must be willing to be committed to establish a long-term business relationships;

5. Must show that your proposed form has a connection to their corporate business plan.


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